GQuotient has over the years transformed its market focus, product offerings and technology expertise around DevOps. The initial client acquisition process and the delivery related challenges have given tremendous insights to the team at GQuotient. The goal is to become the preferred global partner for enterprises operating the SMAC (Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud) paradigm.

Our mission is to drive adoption of agile business and technology processes, collaborative development and continuous integration and deployment capabilities that preserve the user experience and enhance the enterprise throughput.

GQuotient transformed its business to provide holistic Cloud Solutions in the following areas:

  1. DevOps CoE with tools and automation frameworks
  2. Team with polyglot skills to address global opportunities
  3. Collaborative platform to deliver implementation, operation and remediation services

Each of these pillars would require investments, focused execution and perpetual innovation to stay ahead of the competition. The company needs to build IP as a differentiator by investing ahead and work with a blend of direct customer acquisition and strategic alignments for market access and to augment delivery capabilities.

GQuotient is in its third pivot since inception and the team is putting everything behind the new positioning of DevOps for the world.

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